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President of Turkmenistan takes Stand on Resolving Aral Problems


Turkmenistan always advocated for consideration and resolution of water-related and environmental problems in Central Asia on the basis of universally recognized norms of international law, with regard for the interests of all countries of the region, with participation of international organizations, acknowledging that only regional consensus can be the only acceptable form of effective interstate cooperation.

This position was yet again clearly articulated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his statement at the Summit of the Heads of the IFAS Founding States.

International collaboration on water-related and environmental issues must build on the relevant criteria of work on the national level. These are complementary, inseparable processes, said the Turkmen leader, and expressed his conviction that every country must be fully aware of its role and responsibility.

In implementing national plans in different areas, Turkmenistan never fails to weigh them against the environmental aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly, the optimization of use of water resources, stressed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Speaking of the country’s tremendous experience in introducing modern water-saving technology in irrigated agriculture, construction and use of hydraulic structures, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the successful implementation of major water projects promotes development of the agricultural sector, boosts total production of grain, cotton and other agricultural products.

Turkmenistan implements the General Program for Provision of Pure Drinking Water to the Population, under which new water treatment facilities are being built and commissioned. Seawater desalination works are carried out with regard for high environmental standards.

With commissioning of the first stage of the Altyn Asyr Turkmen lake, manifolds discharging drainage and wastewater from the oases are united into a single hydro-system. Today, only several years later, the water has been purified to the acceptable norms, and vegetation, fish and birds emerged there as a result of natural biological processes.

The President of Turkmenistan stressed that the construction of this manmade lake, a complex hydraulic system, enables us to successfully tackle pressing environmental, economic and social issues.

In the context of resolving the problems of the Aral Sea, combating desertification and improving the quality of reclaimed land are highly important. To that end, in collaboration with international structures, we develop and implement a set of measures including wide-scale landscaping activities, said the national leader. For instance, in the past 20 years Turkmenistan saw planting of 90 million trees under the Green Belt National Program.

Overall, during the 25 years of the Fund’s work, several hydraulic structures and water facilities were built, environmental and other activities were carried out to tackle the Aral problems.

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