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Expansion of coopareation of Caspian states


http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/k-a1.jpgInternational Conference “Peace, Stability and International Cooperation in Caspian Region” with participation of the representatives from Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan was held in Ashgabat in the Premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Department for Caspian Sea Affairs under the President of Turkmenistan were the hosts of the event.

Special emphasis during the conference was laid upon the elaboration of five-sided documents, in particular the Agreement on cooperation of Caspian State in trade and economic sphere and transport developed in accordance with the proposals of the President of Turkmenistan uttered at the Summit of Caspian State in Astrakhan (Russian Federation) in 2017.

In this context, it is necessary to mention that recently, the meeting of the heads of marine administration of Caspian seaport took place in Turkmenbashy where issues of increase of cargo traffic volumes and safe navigation, development of port and logistic infrastructure have been discussed. The representatives of coastal state expressed their opinions and proposals for activation of navigation in Caspian Sea from increase of the importance of the region in formation of continental routes point of view, which is to be supported by the adoption of the above-mentioned documents. The volumes of trade between Caspian’s five are expressed today in large indicators, however, taking into account huge reserve, there are all opportunities for further accumulation of economic cooperation and bringing of it to new level.

Caspian Sea is a geopiltical region presenting huge interest for the world community, which is stipulated by its richness with hydrocarbon resources and geostrategic location where the main routes of North – South and East – West axes are crossing. Multi aspect constructive cooperation in this aspect is very important for all coastal states including in provision of security both on national as well as on regional levels.

Protection and consolidation of peace, security and sustainable development in Caspian Sea is seen by our country in establishment of favourable geopolitical and economic conditions in the Central Asia, joint solution of important issues of international partnership. This is the key term of full-scale integration to the world economy and wide attraction of the investments.

Willingness to joint efforts for the interests of peace, stability and beneficial cooperation in Caspian region was confirmed in Joint Declaration of Presidents Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Vladimir Putin taken by the outcomes of the visit of Russian leader to Turkmenistan on October 2, 2017. The support of the initiatives on five-sided agreements on trade, economic and transport cooperation proposed at IV Caspian Summit in Astrakhan on September 29, 2014 has been also confirmed. It was highlighted that Turkmen and Russian sides will be guided by the interests of protection and rational use of the unique water resources in their activities.

In Joint Declaration signed by the outcomes of Turkmen – Kazakh negotiations in Astana in April of this year, Presidents Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the similarity of the approaches to the solution of key issues of Caspian problem as well as confirmed the necessity of soonest making of the fundamental international treaty, which is to regulate the activity of coastal states at Caspian sea. At the same time, the necessity of the realization of the agreements achieved by the outcomes of the IV Caspian Summit was highlighted.

It is worth mentioning that the Protocols for provision of efficient mechanism of realization of the Framework Conventions on protection of the biodiversity, on protection of Caspian Sea from ground sources and as the result of onshore activity, on regional preparedness, response and cooperation in emergencies caused by oil pollution have been signed for the past period.

These documents will make a legal base for cooperation of competent bodies of neighbouring states in such spheres as counteract against illegal production of biological resources (the poaching) and provision of safe navigation.

International Conference “Peace, Stability and International Cooperation in Caspian Region”  reflected the aim for result and progress of negotiation process of Caspian states, which are united in their intent to make Caspian sea as a sea of friendship and harmony as well as are willing to expand fruitful cooperation.

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