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Flags of Turkmenistan raised in the Olympic Village


http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/z-e.jpgThe ceremony of raising the flags of Turkmenistan and the Olympic Council of Asia took place in the Olympic Village in Ashgabat. The event marked another step that moves the day, when the solemn ceremony of opening the V Asian Indoor and Martial Games will take place at the Olympic Village with the participation of dozens thousands of sportsmen, sports fans and spectators, closer.

We expect the arrival of high-ranking honorary guests, heads of states, prominent political figures, and heads of international organization by September 17, when the 2017-Ashgabat Games will start. The delegations of the participants of the V Asian Games have arrived in the Turkmen capital these days.

The Government officials, representatives of the Executive Committee on the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the State Committee for Sports, the sports federations of Turkmenistan, mass media as well as the members of the national team of Turkmenistan, foreign partners and guest to our country took part in the festivities on occasion of the ceremony of raising the State Flag of Turkmenistan and the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia in the Olympic Village.

The symbolism of the ceremony was highlighted with the combination of figures: the flag raising ceremony took place at 17:17 with the participation of 777 athletes.

The festivity started with the welcoming address of the head of the Executive Committee on the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, who underlined the particular importance of the Games under the motto “Health. Inspiration. Friendship”. The Games are remarkable for the fact that the athletes from 17 countries of Oceania will take part in this sports event along with the sportsmen, representing 45 countries in Asia.

Over 6,000 athletes will compete in 21 sports in the framework of the 2017 Asian Games. More than 30,000 foreign guests and hundreds representatives of mass media are expected to arrive in our country. All participants of the upcoming competitions will feel the hospitality and cordiality of the Turkmen people, whose traditions are based on the kind, wise and eternal truths, value orientations.

The State Flag of Turkmenistan was raised under the accompaniment of the solemn melody of the State Anthem.

Then, the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia was raised.

The rising up green Flag of Turkmenistan and the white flag of the Olympic Council of Asia announced on the readiness of the Olympic Village and all organizers, personnel and technical staff of the 2017-Ashgabat Games for the start of the 10-day marathon of mass sports and festive events, scheduled for the end of this week.

The flags of the countries, participating in the 2017 Asian Games were raised.

The festivity was accompanies by musical and dancing performances – artistic dedications to the V Asian Games and the beautiful Turkmen capital, hosting the prestigious competitions.

The President of Turkmenistan personally patronized the preparatory works: from the construction of necessary sports, social and cultural, medical and remedial as well as communication and broadcasting infrastructure to the organization of catering and provision of general security. Particular attention was paid to the creation of the atmosphere of hospitality in keeping with the best national traditions.

A number of presents for all participants and guests have been prepared, musical compositions and poems, works of the decorated and applied arts, various souvenirs were created on occasion of the 2017 Asian Games.

The sculptural compositions dedicated to the Asian Games occupy a special place among these commemorative articles.

One of them is the mock-up of the Olympic stadium in the Olympic Village in Ashgabat that recreates the architectural image of the main arena of the Games that will host the solemn opening and closing ceremonies.

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