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International Conference The Neutrality of Turkmenistan


http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2016/d-e3.jpgInternational theoretical and practical conference “The Neutrality of Turkmenistan and International Practice: New Achievements of Cooperation for Stable Development” was held in the conference hall of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was mentioned in presented reports that neutral status of Turkmenistan became the phenomenon of international diplomacy, considering the fact that our country was declared to be the first neutral state in the modern history, which was recognized by the world community. Creative character of the neutrality became the foundation of multi-aspect foreign policy strategy and diplomacy of our country, promoting the establishment of positive international relations, which are based on traditions of equality, trust and mutual respect.

Currently, after two decades, it can be confidently stated that the neutrality became not only the foundation for successful implementation of large-scale transformation state programmes and social and economic reforms but also important factor of peace and stability in the Central Asia, expansion of versatile cooperation with all interested countries of the world and largest international and regional organizations.

As is known, Turkmenistan, following undertaken obligations, takes most active part in solution of global issues of today for all these years, making priceless contribution in consolidation of peace, security and basis of stable development. Using all instruments of political, diplomatic and economic measures of influence, our country played and continues playing the great role in improvement of political stability in the region, its sustainable economic development including for the account of steadfast realization of umber of important projects and initiatives of international significance.

The Global Sustainable Transport Conference under the UN aegis, which was hold recently in Ashgabat, as well as putting into operation of new railroad Atamyrat – Ymamnazar (Turkmenistan) – Akina (Afghanistan), the first stage of Asian Transnational Transport Corridor, which is summoned to enhance consolidation of fruitful trade and economic cooperation with the states of the region, was brought as a visual example.

The position of sovereign Turkmenistan, which uses its considerable political, economic and cultural potential for the interests of global peace and sustainable development. It was mentioned that regular selection of Turkmenistan as a chairing body of competent international organizations, first of all the United Nations Organization, is an undisputable evidence of high authority of our country.

Hailing large-scale social and economic reforms and efforts for consolidation of peace and security in the planet taken by our country, the participants expressed the confidence in future successful intensification and comprehensive expansion of established constructive international dialog.

Substantial share of the opinions taken place during the forum, objective and comprehensive assessment of versatile foreign policy of Turkmenistan, its influence on global integration processes became considerable contribution into development of theory and practice of international diplomacy.



Monument of Neutrality

In the morning, flower-laying ceremony to the Monument of Neutrality took place in Ashgabat. Under the sounds of National Anthem, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov laid flowers to the Monument. After the Head of the State, the Chairperson of the Mejlis, Deputy Chairpersons of the Cabinet of Ministers and other participants of the events also put flowers. There are heads of military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign countries, heads of embassies and diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media, honoured elders and students, numerous citizens of Ashgabat and the guests of the capital.

The events timed to the Neutrality Day are organized throughout the country.

On December 12, 1995, the United Nations General Assembly adopted special Resolution on “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan” during the 50th anniversary session. The neutral status allowed the country to develop efficient measures for realization of national interests as an independent party of international relations. The model of Turkmen Neutrality serves as important factor for provision of regional stability.

Realizing its neutral status, the Turkmen State involves more actively into global processes, making considerable contribution into international dialog for peace and concord.

Österreich-Turkmenische Gesellschaft

Bild: Monument der Neutralität

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